Thursday, April 09, 2009

April 9, 2009

As it's been a while since I've updated this thing, I figured it was time to stop in and explain why. After 5 years of dealing with the ups and downs of the small press fiction world, I've decided to take a break and concentrate on my other love--drawing. As I stated in my BIO, I've been a comic book fan since I was a kid, and I really miss the artform. So I've decided to resurrect my comic book, USED ADDICTIONS. It's about a cigarette butt, an empty wine bottle, and a used condom and their adventures on the streets of Flint and Detroit. You can read more about it here: I'm also on Facebook and MySpace, but the web site is where you can order copies of the comic, as well as keep up on all the news involving my discarded dudes.

I may resume writing short fiction some day, but for now I just seem to have lost the love. For me, making comic books is the perfect balance of creativity and fun. And while there was never a shortage of story ideas in my head, the process of writing fiction has ceased being fun for me.

So, to everyone who read this blog on a regular basis, I extend to you a very heartfelt THANK YOU, and I hope you'll check out my comic.